PreSeed Ventures

PreSeed Ventures have launched a venture fund dedicated fully and wholeheartedly to backing founders in the pre-seed stage — from time to time early seed. We’ve successfully raised DKK 265m for the first close of PSV Tech01. This marks not only the beginning of a new era for us but for the tech ecosystem in Denmark — an era where the force and vitality of Danish tech startups have grown so strong that a pre-seed VC is able to raise money from large pension funds.

Adding to the history books of the Danish tech ecosystem

How do you avoid the typical business school bullshit when validating your business idea? How does it work in the real world? That’s exactly what was covered at PreSeed Academy StartupTalk #23 — here are the key takeaways 💡

- A founder guide to managing an effective startup board from StartupTalk #21 @ PreSeed Academy

— A lawyer will be your most expensive saving, but preparation can make it cheaper

PreSeed Ventures

Living the pre-seed stage alongside the rare kind of humans that we call founders

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