PreSeed Ventures closes 412m DKK fund, its biggest yet earmarked for early-stage tech founders

Technology has the power to demolish past patterns of success

For the past +20 years, PreSeed Ventures has had the privilege of backing some of Denmark’s bravest founders and early-stage companies. As we reflect on this point in our history as a Danish VC, we have much to celebrate. But what we really want to highlight (and celebrate) is our people and our Danish ecosystem. We no longer have to convince (at least not the majority of the co-investors, LPs, and other stakeholders) that Denmark has a crucial position as a creator of important technology companies on a global scale. We see them every day. And most importantly, we meet the people behind the companies. And they’re not just here to make it big, but to make it damn right. Technology has the power to demolish past patterns of success — that’s why we invest in founders who can look beyond the world as it is and see it as it could be.

Old faces in new drapes

In connection to the closing of PSV Tech01, Investment Director Alexander Viterbo-Horten can now call himself General Partner of the fund. Alexander has copious amounts of experience with early stage investing, and he’s got an incredible eye for spotting hidden potential. If anyone knows how to build a company on the right set of values, it’s him, and he’s our secret weapon to increase attention to impact-focused investments.

Knowing the human face of startup

We’re not in any way denying that deals and returns are part of our investments. They are our lifeblood. But what our hearts really beat for is the prospect of investing in people who have the dreams and the guts to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Founders are constantly venturing into uncertainty and travelling untested waters and it’s much more of a mind game than a money game. That’s why our biggest responsibility as a VC is to invest our time and knowledge in strengthening not only the companies but the founders themselves.

We help founders be brave, stay mad and focus hard on their purpose — even when it seems crazy, huge, or even unrealistic.

“PreSeed Ventures is a very different VC. And our PSV.Core continues to expand. We share the belief that progress is the only option and we’re deeply committed to investing in a world that we, our children, and future generations, can thrive in and be proud of. That’s also why the people we back matter so much, because they’re part of the solution.” — Alexander Viterbo-Horten, General Partner PSV Tech01.

You might think we’re yet another early stage fund. But we’re not just any early stage fund — together with Danish founders, we live and breathe the pre-seed stage. And in order to do so, we’re pretty damn open and agnostic. Ain’t no vertical or market too cool for us, as long as it’s technology-driven. What we do is add fuel to the fire in founders’ eyes by helping them reach the mythical product-market fit and solve real problems.



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